Navigating the Split:

A Woman's Journey to Post-Divorce Independence


Feeling Lost in the Aftermath of Divorce?

Navigating the aftermath of a divorce can feel like you’re wandering through a maze without a map. Between the emotional ups and downs, sudden financial adjustments, complexities of co-parenting, and even the thought of re-entering the dating world—it’s easy to feel daunted.

As a woman, post-divorce struggles bring their own set of challenges that can make you question who you are and cast doubts on your capability to forge a new life on your own terms.
Navigating the aftermath of a divorce can feel like you’re wandering through a maze without a map. Between the emotional ups and downs, sudden financial adjustments, complexities of co-parenting, and even the thought of re-entering the dating world—it’s easy to feel daunted.

As a woman, post-divorce struggles bring their own set of challenges that can make you question who you are and cast doubts on your capability to forge a new life on your own terms.


This is Your Beacon of Hope

“Navigating the Split: A Woman’s Journey to Post-Divorce Independence” is tailor-made to suit your unique needs. This course takes a deep dive into the emotional, financial, and social dimensions that come with divorce, arming you with actionable insights and tools to help you reclaim your confidence and independence.
Each section of the course addresses a different facet of the post-divorce experience – from managing your emotional well-being to co-parenting effectively. You’ll get more than just advice – you’ll receive a step-by-step roadmap to move from your current situation to a more fulfilling, independent life.


Surviving to Thriving: Unearth a New You

Choosing to enroll in

"Navigating the Split: A Woman's Journey to Post-Divorce Independence"

isn't merely a purchase; it's a pact with your future self. Our insights and resources throughout the course are tailored to catalyze impactful, lasting changes across various aspects of your life.

Cultivate Emotional Fortitude

Acquire the skills to manage your emotions constructively, equipping you to tackle life’s hurdles with poise.

Our tried-and-true methods will help you forge mental resilience, rendering you not just capable but empowered to navigate your emotional landscape.

Secure Financial Independence

Arm yourself with the expert advice needed to decipher the financial puzzles that divorce inevitably brings.

From allocating resources across separate households to grasping the long-term financial implications, we equip you with the strategies for attaining financial self-sufficiency and peace of mind.

Excel in Cooperative Co-Parenting

Receive practical guidance to foster a cooperative relationship with your former spouse, all for the well-being of your children.

Our child-centric approaches aim to establish a nurturing environment where your kids can flourish, minimizing tension and fostering amicable interactions.

Ignite Personal

Learn to reimagine and reinvent your life post-divorce.

By embracing transformation, you’ll gain a fresh perspective and develop a holistic life plan that serves as your blueprint for long-lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Spark Social

Are you eager to socialize but unsure of how to start? Acquire the skills to navigate the dating world confidently, forging meaningful connections along the way.

Whether it’s online dating or face-to-face encounters, we’ll guide you through every nuance, ensuring you’re well-equipped for this exhilarating new chapter in your life.
Armed with these empowering takeaways and transformational tools, your journey won’t just be about surviving the aftermath of divorce; it will be about thriving in the revitalized life that awaits you.


Can you Relate?

If any of the following scenarios speak to your experience, then
"Navigating the Split: A Woman's Journey to Post-Divorce Independence"
has been meticulously crafted for you.

For the Woman Navigating Emotional Turbulence

Are you wading through the emotional aftermath of your divorce, feeling disoriented or overwhelmed by the onslaught of feelings? This course serves as your emotional anchor, offering structured guidance to help you manage and make sense of your emotions effectively.

For the Woman Aspiring for Financial Self-Sufficiency

If divorce has left you feeling financially exposed, and you’re searching for a pathway to fiscal stability but don’t know how to initiate the journey, look no further. Our carefully curated modules aim to demystify the financial intricacies of life post-divorce.

For the Co-Parent Committed to Harmonious Family Life

Are you sharing parental responsibilities and determined to cultivate a positive environment for your children? This course extends practical and child-focused solutions for co-parenting, with the intent of minimizing friction and enhancing collaborative efforts between you and your ex-spouse.

For the Individual Poised for Social Reawakening and Self-Rediscovery

Whether you’re diving back into the dating pool or expanding your social circle, this course provides the tools you need to approach social dynamics with self-assuredness and finesse.
If you see yourself in any of the above,
you're not alone.
This course is a comprehensive resource, providing you with insightful advice and actionable steps for taking charge of your post-divorce life. This isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about transformative growth and prepping for a more fulfilling, joyful future.


What is Inside?

Module 1
Emotional Resilience
Navigating the Emotional Waves of Divorce
Module 2
Mastering Divorce Logistics
From Finances to Legalities
Module 3
Empowered Co-Parenting
Building Harmoniuos Dual Households
Module 4
Reclaiming You
Personal Transformation & Emotional Well-being
Module 5
Social Revival
Finding Love & Building Connections Post-Divorce
Module 6
Bonus Vault
Additional Insights for a Thriving Post-Divorce Life


Real Stories of Transformation

Hear from Women Who've Navigated the Split
Meet some of the courageous women who've already embarked on their journeys to post-divorce independence through 'Navigating the Split.' Their real-life experiences offer a peek into what you can look forward to as you embark on your own journey and speak volumes about the transformative power of this course.

Read on to discover how these women have gained emotional resilience, achieved financial stability, and turned a new leaf in their lives.


Meet Jennifer

Hi, I’m Jennifer Perri, a survivor turned thriver, women’s empowerment coach, CEO, & self-made millionaire.
But this is far from where I started…
I get how impossible it feels to get back up one more time when life has knocked you down over, and over, and over again.
After surviving years of domestic abuse, I was a single mother left in shambles.
My confidence was shattered.
My self-worth was shot.
My finances were meager, at best…
And I had no idea how to change any of it.

I stumbled through the darkness of my hardest chapters alone, and it was excruciating.

Years later, after decades of struggle, self-searching, and ultimately, success, I was hit once again when I was paralyzed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. Luckily, by that point, I’d learned to hit back.

It’s been quite a journey to get to where I am now. I found the path to freedom the hard way.
Now, after 30 years of personal & professional triumph, I’m making sure that women like you don’t have to.
Together, we will be the (S)HEROES of our own story.


Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that embarking on a journey of renewal and self-discovery can prompt numerous questions. Here are responses to some of the most frequently asked queries.
Not at all. This course is constructed to be beneficial at any phase of your post-divorce journey. Whether you’ve recently parted ways or have been navigating life post-divorce for some time, the varied module topics are designed to provide relevant insights for everyone.
While the course has been formulated with a focus on the unique challenges that women often face after divorce, the principles and tactics we discuss have universal relevance. If the course objectives resonate with you, regardless of gender, you’re likely to find value in it.
Our course incorporates a blend of written materials as well as optional video modules. Additionally, we offer downloadable worksheets and hands-on activities to facilitate the application of your newfound knowledge.
As this is a self-paced course, you’re free to complete it on your own timeline. Typically, students who invest a few hours each week are able to finish the course in about 4-6 weeks.
Absolutely; we have an exclusive Facebook group where course students can interact, share insights, ask for advice, or offer encouragement to one another.
Detailed information on pricing can be found on our sales page, and we offer flexibility to accommodate different budgets, including both one-time payments and installment plans.
Yes, you’ll have ongoing access to all course materials, including any future updates or supplementary modules that may be added later.

Next Step

Your Next Step Awaits

Make Your Post-Divorce Life Empowering
The intricate hurdles that come with life after divorce are REAL. And yet, navigating the emotional upheaval, financial flux, challenges in co-parenting, and the intimidating prospect of re-engaging socially doesn’t have to feel like a perpetual struggle.

"Navigating the Split: A Woman's Journey to Post-Divorce Independence" is here to elevate your post-divorce experience into a transformative voyage of emotional resilience and self-renewal. With this powerful resource on your side, you will:

And so much more!

Why wait to commence the life you're worthy of when the initial step toward your new chapter is merely a click away??

Don't let this life-changing opportunity pass you by.
You possess the inner strength to not only navigate the intricacies of divorce but to come out on the other side more empowered, self-assured, and fulfilled than you ever thought possible.
The best is yet to come.
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