Episode 15: Unleashing the Fearless Woman: Embracing A Life Without Limits

Episode Summary

While listening to another podcast, I heard a thought-provoking question: “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” This question opens a window into our deepest affirmations and provides a chance to reframe our approach to life’s opportunities. By examining these “little prisms” of possibility, we realize that we are often our own limit, held back by fear and self-doubt. Identifying our true dreams can help overcome the barriers that prevent us from achieving success.

I share my personal story of recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome to illustrate that everyone faces struggles, insecurities, and fears, and it’s perfectly okay to have them. However, we must not let these challenges stop us. Taking action toward our dreams and against our challenges can be empowering, enabling us to take control of our lives and make decisions for ourselves, by ourselves.

Today’s Affirmation and Self-Reflection:

 Courage launches me above my fears. (Tune in for the expanded affirmation)

  1. What have I learned from past failures?
  2. What do I need courage for today?
  3. Why should I act in the midst of failure?

What’s Inside:

  • A thought experiment on what can happen if you could not fail.
  • Uncovering your fears and barriers to reach success.
  • Empowering yourself through action and bold choices.

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