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Hi, I’m Jennifer Perri,

As a Transformational Life Coach, Financial Consultant, and Best-Selling Author, I help women become financially fearless, embrace their inner worth and create the life of their dreams. I’m so glad you’re here.

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Awaken Your Greatness

Looking for a coach with a heart for empowering women?  

I offer heart-centered coaching and consulting in the areas of divorce, mindset, empowerment, and money to help you make smart and confident decisions in your life and about your finances.




If you’re a woman going through it, one thing’s for sure: the last thing you need is more confusion. When it comes to creating your own independence plan, you need clarity and direction — so you can rebuild your life on your terms.

when life hands you hard-hitting blows,


But the thing is…  

During any major period of transition — it’s really hard to find the clarity and direction you crave. Especially when your brain is filled with racing thoughts and your nervous system is on overdrive.

You’re in the thickest emotional fog of your life, yet you have more things to figure out than you ever thought possible. You know you need to:

  • Evaluate next steps
  • Reclaim your power
  • Rebuild your confidence 
  • Assemble your support network
  • And somehow make ends meet along the way

On top of all that, if you have kids to take care of, the word overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to cover how you most likely feel. You’re desperately seeking clarity, stability, and peace of mind.

And that’s precisely what we’ll work on together. 


Always remember that YOU hold the pen to your life’s story.

SHERO Coaching & Consulting is here to help you manage your toughest season victoriously.

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Together we will guide you out of the fog to help you make empowered decisions in your life and with your money so your next chapter can be worry-free.


Together we will create an independence plan that keeps you in the driver’s seatYou will be equipped with expert advice and surrounded by a community that empowers you.


I’ll meet you right where you are with unmatched heart-centered compassion. You’ll feel encouraged and deeply cared for during this challenging transition.


Here’s how I work my magic:

Step One

I get to know you & your unique situation

I’ll start with a clarity call to get your backstory and understand the challenges you are currently trying to navigate. And together, I’ll uncover the...


Step Two

I craft your personalized plan

There is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to transforming your life.   With 20+ years in the consulting space, I know the method of a...


Step Three

I guide you through every step of your plan

I understand you have a lot on your mind during this time. That’s why I step in as your compassionate accountability partner and ensure everything...


I understand that with every transition comes trauma. I am here to help support and encourage you every step of the way.

Any major life transition can be an overwhelming experience that wreaks havoc on your mental, emotional and financial health. And although it can be financially devastating, there are deeper things that need to be addressed. I believe that helping you navigate the emotional aspects of this transition is equally important — if not more important — than the financial pieces. I’m here to help you remove additional stress by being as prepared as possible. Emotionally AND financially.

Honors and Affiliations

Women’s Choice Award for Financial Advisors
2013-2016, 2020-2023
Kentucky Colonel Award for civic leadership
National Academy of Best-Selling Authors
Top 100 in Finance
Quilly Award
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It wasn’t long after my precious husband passed away, an urgent family financial need arose. I called and spoke with Jennifer, who was such a Godsend. She revealed right away that I had available funds that met my needs. These were funds that I had no idea were available to me. It was the solution I desperately needed at the time. Jennifer has such knowledge and understanding about financial matters. To this day, I remain thankful for her expertise. She is the perfect advisor!

Darlene G.

Hampton, GA

Jennifer Perri has been an absolute blessing to our divorce care class. She has worked with us for years tending to our class once or more a year to address different situations with all our group members. They have asked her all kinds of questions relating to finances with divorce, paperwork for discovery and their divorce decree, budgets, and even wills. She has educated our women and some men with their needs during and post-divorce. In addition to the financial advice, she encourages them, talks on the phone with them when they’re down and out answering questions or just building them up prior to court date, and giving them confidence spiritually to withstand the difficult times they are experiencing.

God bless her for her spirit, enthusiasm, gift, and love for those who need help. She is a delight to talk to, gives her time to come meet with us, and will always lend a helping hand.

Thanks always Jennifer!!!

Gail Gross

Powder Springs, GA

Going through my divorce has been the most painful and devastating experience for me. In the middle of all this chaos, God blessed me by meeting Jennifer through the Divorce Care group that she volunteers. Jennifer has been an inspiration. She has encouraged me, shared her wise knowledge, provided me the financial advice to manage this new life, and has been a supportive friend. If you are going through a similar situation, my condolences, seek Jennifer. She will guide you, will be a positive and inspirational role model, and will be the financial expert you need. “Knowledge is Power”.

Gabriela R.

Acworth, GA

From the moment I met Jennifer, there was just something about how she spoke to me that I knew she understood me. Her level of compassion, patience, and knowledge was exactly what I needed in my life after my divorce. She has helped me step into my new life and has also helped me plan for my son who has special needs. From communication to customer service, I am always impressed. Jennifer came highly recommended to me and I love recommending her to my family and friends.


Nashville, TN

Jennifer is an amazing advocate for women overall and especially as a coach/advisor in the wealth space. She truly helps women in transition get to the next level of wealth and security that they want to achieve. The best thing about Jennifer is that she does it with kindness, humor, and empathy. I cannot say enough great things about her or the services she provides. Women who have her in their corner are truly blessed. 


Lawrenceville, GA

I’ve been a loyal client of Jennifer’s for years! Even though I moved out of state, she has continued to be my financial consultant and a dear friend. No matter what questions I have, she is always there to answer them and help me make sense of things. I love Jennifer and can’t imagine a life without her in it!


Philadelphia PA

Jennifer is an absolute Godsend to women learning how to manage life and finances, specifically after going through a life change and becoming the head of their finances. She has guided me through a divorce and becoming a single mom and through our time together, I have not only solidified my future in important, financial ways, but I have also gained so much knowledge about how to do that. This, along with the generous and caring spirit Jennifer exudes, has helped grow my confidence in so many areas of my life and has given me a solid foundation for who I now get to be post-divorce. I would not be who I am today without her!



Jennifer Perri is truly incredible! She has helped me personally in terms of planning for my financial future. She has also helped me professionally in my marketing endeavors and providing quality help and resources to my family law clients. Jennifer is empowering, encouraging, supportive, intelligent, and compassionate. Her passion is to help others, and it shows!


Woodstock, GA

Jennifer is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the financial world. As a result, she can recommend several different strategies and products thus allowing you to make educated decisions about your future. Jennifer is also very versed in the retirement arena thus a great financial consultant for those looking to prepare for the future or make sure their assets are well protected. I recommend Jennifer to all of my friends and feel confident this is a great decision for them as it certainly has been for me and my family. 


Gainesville, GA

As an artist and writer, it’s hard to find a coach that understands the “mind, body and spirit” of what makes my business “whole”.  Jennifer does just that. She has guided me through many blocks, which has allowed new visions to come alive!  Our sessions have brought me to the amazing place I am now. I take great comfort in knowing she is by my side as I continue to watch my confidence and business grow. 

Jennifer is the WHOLE ENCHILADA!!! 

Mavis S.

Reynolds, GA

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