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I was recently featured on the new series MyStory™, where I walk you
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From Victim to Victory
The inspirational Journey of Jennifer Perri, Certified Divorce & Empowerment Coach

Never Give Up book with Dick Vitale reaches Best-Seller Lists.

Jennifer Perri On 5 Things You Need To Know To Survive And Thrive After A Divorce

An Interview With Fotis Georgiadis

Women Leading The Finance Industry: Jennifer Perri On The 5 Things You Should Do To Increase…

An Interview With Jason Hartman

Rising Through Resilience: Jennifer Perri Of Shero Coaching & Consulting On The 5 Things You…

An Interview With Savior P. Clemente


Mom Guilt: What It Is, Why It Exists, & How to Manage It
Mom Guilt: What It Is, Why It Exists, & How to Manage It
1 day ago
7 Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome
7 Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome
2 views 1 week ago
The Flaw of Comparing Yourself to Others
The Flaw of Comparing Yourself to Others
5 views 2 weeks ago



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It’s Happening Right Here

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The Truth About reading

The story of illiteracy and sub-literacy in America.


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