Episode 1: Intro – My Story

Episode Summary

Thank you for being here for the first episode of The SHERO Effect Podcast! Today I want to tell my story.

I’m your host, Jennifer Perri and I believe the trials and life experiences I have had have all been meant for me to become who I am today. My mission with this podcast is to be your guide to empowerment and have conversations that lead to a life with more freedom and ease.

The struggles I have faced have not been easy feats; in fact, 10 to 15 years of my life after my first marriage ended were pure survival mode. However, the resilience I have possessed and my mindset have empowered me to overcome much more than I ever expected, and now I am here to help you. I have turned my mess into my message and my wounds into my wisdom.

Listen to my story, visit my website, and find out if I am someone you want in your corner. We all have an inner superhero, and together, in our time, I hope to help you unlock your potential. You can be the SHERO of your own story. Let’s Grow!

What’s Inside:

  • Who is Jennifer Perri?
  • How Jennifer’s trials and life experiences have shaped who she is today.
  • Just the beginning—an intro to unlocking your inner SHERO.

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