Episode 3: Finding Your Confidence

Episode Summary

Confidence is one of the many keys needed to unlocking our potential, yet it’s an area many struggle with, particularly women. My own personal confidence has exponentially increased in the last 20, 10, and even 5 years. Yet there are still areas of my own life I struggle to find confidence in. You would be hard-pressed to find someone confident in all aspects, like job, relationships, appearance, or age.

In today’s episode of The SHERO Effect, I want to share 3 strategies I find helpful to foster confidence: Think about the toughest things you’ve been through in your life. What are your most significant achievements? And finally, understand the mistakes and poor choices you’ve made in your life. These experiences shape your resilience and growth.

Accessing your confidence reserves is vital for navigating life’s challenges. It shields you from feeling disheartened, providing strength regardless of circumstances. By embracing imperfections and learning from them, you cultivate true confidence. Remember, confidence isn’t about flawlessness but about using setbacks as stepping stones to personal growth. So, take your wounds and turn them into wisdom.

Today’s Affirmation and Self-Reflection:

I grow in self-esteem and confidence every day (listen in for the full, expanded affirmation).

  1. What apology can I make to myself?
  2. What are my needs?
  3. Who is my support system?

Until next time. 

What’s Inside:

  • How confidence can carry you through challenges and trials.
  • 3 strategies to grow and foster confidence.
  • Self-reflection and affirmation for Confidence.

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