Episode 7: Interview with Scaling Strategist Kara Renninger

Episode Summary

In this special episode, I am joined by a fairly new friend and colleague, Scaling Strategist Kara Renninger. We connect over the idea that it is up to us to choose something different for our lives and our business. Making a big impact in the world really matters to Kara and to do that, you have to be driven, direct, and honest.

Many people don’t really say what they want in life or in business, but if you don’t get clear, come out and say it. It’s unlikely to happen. In our society, too often, women possessing these qualities of purpose, translate into ‘being bitchy’. But that is not the case. We do not have to use small talk to step around important issues; it’s okay and even admirable to be direct about what you think. The more you are able to use your voice and speak out, the more success you will see, in your relationships and business alike.

We also discuss motivation, and the truth behind staying motivated is peer support and a powerful mindset. You can change your business or your life, but ya gotta get off your couch and get right in your mind. If you’re a woman who knows there is more out there for you, you are absolutely right. And if you don’t have the support to push you there, you need to reach out to me, to Kara. You need to have positive advocates in your life.

What’s Inside:

  • How to make a conscious choice for a different life and business.
  • Direct, honest, and driven are three qualities that don’t equal ‘bitchy’ in women.
  • How to stay motivated using positive advocates.
  • Speak up and speak out about what you want and what it takes to get there.

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