Episode 8: Table for One, Please: Silencing Your Inner Critic

Episode Summary

SHEROS, in this episode we’re focusing on putting that inner critic to bed! Sometimes we lose the people we think we can depend on or that we would look to encourage us…sometimes we’re all we have. I want to show you how to become your #1 cheerleader, and rewrite the script in your head. You don’t have to engage with the bully inside you any longer.

  • Drown it out — Fill your mind with positive talk and imagery.
  • Recognize the truth — The inner critic is a manifestation of your fears, not your reality.
  • Empty your mind — Keep your mind clear and get busy!
  • Move your hands or move your mouth — That’s all every action in life is!
  • Be a friend to yourself — How would you treat your friends and loved ones? Treat yourself with the same kindness.
  • Encourage yourself every 10 minutes — Set a timer and get going. In 18 hours, you will have said 108 positive things to yourself!
  • Make a list of your high points — Don’t fixate on your mistakes; review your successes regularly!

Take control of your inner critic and move through everyday with confidence!

Today’s Affirmation and Self-Reflection:

I make my own sunshine. (Tune in for the expanded affirmation)

  1. Why is it important to invest in myself?
  2. How can I stop mean comments from spoiling my day?
  3. How does my home reflect my love for myself?

What’s Inside:

  • Transform your inner critic into your personal cheerleader.
  • How to rewrite the script you feed yourself.
  • What to do when you’re all you have.
  • Stepping out with grace in one hand and confidence in the other.
  • An affirmation and reflection on silencing the inner critic.

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