Gail Gross

Jennifer Perri has been an absolute blessing to our divorce care class. She has worked with us for years tending to our class once or more a year to address different situations with all our group members. They have asked her all kinds of questions relating to finances with divorce, paperwork for discovery and their divorce decree, budgets, and even wills. She has educated our women and some men with their needs during and post-divorce. In addition to the financial advice, she encourages them, talks on the phone with them when they’re down and out answering questions or just building them up prior to court date, and giving them confidence spiritually to withstand the difficult times they are experiencing.

God bless her for her spirit, enthusiasm, gift, and love for those who need help. She is a delight to talk to, gives her time to come meet with us, and will always lend a helping hand.

Thanks always Jennifer!!!

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